Saturday, March 22, 2008

Waste one work one.

Spent most of Friday debating online with a nice Wicca person about the toxic nature of all religion even one as seemingly benign as hers. I remarked about pissing away the day on twitter mainly from the standpoint of people rarely change their minds based on evidence. I ended up being wrong as I often am in that time spent thinking logically and expressing those thoughts on paper works out the writing muscle. Later that evening I wrote a first draft of paper you will be seeing here shortly on the state of women in the wake of our Iraq misadventures. I am doing this in blog style so I need to track down all the links to the stories I cited. I had planned to do that this AM. But instead something got me going on, “the man in the cave.” This you may or may not see as it is an attempt at satire that flowed of my pen for about two hours but if I cannot refine it I may not publish. I was successful at it in “McCain reprises that’s my Bush“ that you can find here.
It is a bit of a style question right now it is part South Park and part children’s fairytale for a slow child. The subject is 911 so if I am unable to get it right I will not be posting. Getting in good rides each day looking for a window to camp. I have regained my compulsion to write I believe. I think the key is to write, today’s output began with organizing an argument on kos that got me thinking about the futility of arguing that led to books for dummies to the man in the cave by way of Fractured Fairy Tales. I will work at it.

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