Friday, March 7, 2008

Springtime for radmul

When did reporting the news and telling the truth become mutually exclusive pursuits? I was watching the reports of the recruiting station bombing and the reporter was saying that there was no sign of terrorist involvement. Hello? Then I see that Susan Powers had to resign from the Obama campaigned for telling the truth about the Clinton strategy.
Spring is in the air?
The urge to begin spring cleaning has hit and the layers of filth are beginning to come down. The last few days the sun has been out and the riding has gotten my energy flowing again. I am way over weight from the layoff but I am still committed. We lost the Mite war and now will be going to the coop but we need to find a local non va doctor to get an Rx form and do paper work and it saddens me. The end of an era deserves to be acknowledged. Dreamsicle has been growing for over three years but is probably down for the count. The final leg of the third man trip to Canada has come to an end with the realization that we will never have that strain again.
On the plus side I found a camera for the crisis. A Fuji s700 that seems to be really cool. The first video from the road will be up soon as I finish configuring the software so the travel video quality should improve. I got a fantastic deal at Radio shack with a 1gig memory card cheaper than I had found it on the web.

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