Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Arcata Square and beyond

Don't know if they ever had enough drive-in theaters in the east but they might make an interesting theme. When I was in high school the drive-in was out by the cemetery. We would score a six-pack of whatever was cheap I got Old Milwaukee at the pizza place I delivered for at 90 cents a sixer and hang out on the graves and watch horrible films. Linda Lovelace for President, Enter the Dragon and the Gone in 60 seconds with Ron Howard. I am sure others of my age and a bit older have those same types of memories. Might make a good theme. Did a long ride to Arcata and back with some major detours that added up to close to 50 miles. I am dog tired while I get this ready for the web. The youtube Radmul channel has the new vid if the imbed fails. As always there are more photos at flickr page.
On the charity front I am shocked, shocked I say to find that there are a lot of scumwad types on the net. Since the first couple of groups I started to interact with turned out to be crooks I am going to include links to well established charities like. SPCA international. In the posts at appropriate points and perhaps some of you will donate to the cause.

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