Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random thoughts on the Ides of March

I had one of my stories picked up by an online paper so that was cool. I spent some time Googeling Radmul to see if I was beginning to get anywhere and I have gone from zero to something like the youtube channel, 5 subscribers is not much but as I get out I get more hits.
Signed up for twitter after Mina began there and it seems to have some potential to find some interesting things. As a voyeur if find it fun but will it turn out to be like Myspace, people hawking and hyping gets tiresome.
Dragon’s Justice is up at the free site I have begun serializing my book for your reading pleasure. I will keep that site updated but I am shifting my effort to the google blog as it seems to be getting the bigger following. Learning the ins and outs of so many different systems has been sucking some of the enjoyment out of blogging but finding an audience in a community that has everyone speaking and few listening is not easy. I have two reasons for posting it, first to get some objective feedback. Second to put pressure on myself to write more of the story.
Finally I will try to get off the politics and get back to telling stories in the blog, on the blog? One of these days I will either learn grammer or find an editor but as anyone that reads me can attest not knowing something going in has never stopped me from screwing with something.

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