Sunday, November 13, 2011

New day dawns

The sun is back and our rally was awesomeness personified. We stared down the tools of fascism in their riot gear and brand new cars. Our schools are closing but the militarizing of the police never seems to get cut from the budget. We have no funds to feed the poor among us but there is no shortage of money to buy the clubs to beat them down when they have the temerity to ask for a toilet.
The folks from Humboldt state and the Arcata Occupation swelled our numbers and added to the festive air. Community renewing the spirit and hot food renewing the flesh.
The idea that a local politician has the right to deny 1st and 4th amendment rights is as laughable as it is repugnant. We are becoming a new entity as the days roll on. Learning to trust and support each other in our disparate little band of travelers on the road to a better way of life.
We are a work in progress, some days our own worst enemies. We are passion untempered by intellect at the wrong times. We are the angels of our better nature at others. We are united in the search for a better way.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Boo

It is All Hallows Eve and I am back down on the curb. There is a bite in the breeze off Humboldt bay. It is just strong enough to clear the stench of car exhaust from my chapped nostrils.
The mood of the occupation is such a volatile beast. Friday we had assurances that we would be left to our own devices free from police interaction. As darkness descended on Saturday after an amazing rally rumors of a, “Police Action” began running through the crowd. At the appointed hour a single cruiser parked across the street and turned the eye of big brother upon us recording our reactions.
Now that they have recorded our response are they plotting our eviction? Will they bring the pain or whatever other sports metaphor the ex high school football hero’s care to couch their oppression in.
My guess is they will play a waiting game. We have support in the community and these political types fear waking the pacified masses.
If we can take action and stop literally shitting on the grass I think most in local power would be content to let us freeze on the lawn. This whole farce played out against the backdrop of vibrant speeches delivered with a thoughtful passion on the courthouse steps.
Sunday morning saw the occupiers scattered to the winds, recharging or relaxing I shared the curb with a couple of our weekend supporters and kept the vigil. The darkness of Sunday descended and our diverse group drifted back to occupied territory for a chill night both in mood and temperature.
That chill had turned to bitter frost by morning and the urinating in tents and the anguish of the reality challenged created another shrill standoff. Just another moment in the revolution.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Draft mission statement

This is a draft mission statement for Occupy Eureka
Pleas add any suggestions in the comments or Talk to me at the occupation to get your ideas included. This is the 2nd revision.

We are Occupy Eureka and we have decided to stand up to the perverse desire of corporations to wring every penny of profit from every enterprise. They deliberately push beyond the limits of laws and regulations with disastrous consequences to the workers and the environment. When caught they lie, deny and obfuscate. Corporate America has funded wars and neglected schools. Corporate America has legalized robbery and called it the free market. Corporate America has destroyed our standing in the world by committing torture and other war crimes including aggressive war. The people have lost our fundamental human rights with corporations spying for the government then being granted immunity from prosecution. National security is used as a blanket excuse to prevent persons from receiving redress in the courts. To that end we are requiring fundamental changes to our system.
We demand an end to the privatization of government functions. The system of no bid contracting and crony capitalism that permeates our government must end now. We will not accept banks charging fees on the poor to collect benefits or prisons and jails run as for profit entities.
We will not accept the national debt being settled on the backs of the working class and the elderly. Look to the example of Greek austerity measures and that governments failure to provide for it‘s people. We will not accept cuts to programs for the poorest members of society while continuing to grant tax cuts to billionaires. We will no longer stand by and watch corporations pollute our air and water while they plunder the natural resources of the commons.
We have endured a 30 year assault on working people with wages remaining stagnant while CEO pay skyrockets and we say enough. We demand the end to classifying earnings as capital gains. The income from labor is as valuable to society as that earned by the investor class and shall no longer be taxed at higher rates.
We require an Immediate moratorium on foreclosures of owner occupied dwellings. Too many people are living on our streets and too many people are being thrown out of their homes with fraudulent documents.
End the War in Afghanistan. End the occupation of Iraq. Stop the bombings and drone attacks on the peoples of Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. If we lack the resources to adequately feed and house our own people we can no longer afford to make war on others nations. This is to include the army of mercenaries known as security contractors. We further demand that no new country be attacked without a declaration of war by congress. The tyranny of the unitary executive must end now. The president does not have the right to order indefinite detention of or the execution of the citizenry. We further demand an end to secret prisons and the indefinite detention of political prisoners.
We demand a single payer not for profit healthcare system. Repealing the farce of the Affordable Care Act, a homage to corporate greed and replace it with Medicare for all.
As the federal reserve is loaning money to corporations at an effective zero interest rate from the discount window in secret we require that the same rates be extended to the generation of students buried under a mountain of debt preparing for jobs that those same corporations destroyed.
A financial transaction Tax, A small fee imposed on the buying and selling of equities and securities, should be instituted to reduce the effects of speculators in the market place. If the capitalists are going to rain their “Creative Destruction” down on the 99% we require them to contribute to the rebuilding.
We require that the Glass Steagall act regulations of 1933 be reinstituted to separate speculators from the banking industry.
Corporations are not living breathing entities and are not entitled to human rights. Commercial speech is not political speech and is not entitled to 1st amendment protection. If a corporation lies it is committing fraud and corporate fraud should be prosecuted without exception. Corporate personhood must be abolished.
The hiring of paid lobbyists should be outlawed. Freedom of speech should not be a scalar concept based on monetary value but is a fundamental human right. Overturn the decision of the supreme court in Citizens United granting corporations the right to spend unlimited funds to influence the outcome of elections undermining democracy.
We demand an end to the war on workers rights to organize and the elimination of the fictitiously named right to work.
We demand an end to the war on women’s reproductive health and that the basic human right to health care not be dependent on gender.
We demand that equal protection under the law be enforced for the LGBT community. End separate but equal marriage laws that are patently unconstitutional.
We demand immigration policies that allow workers the same freedom of movement that capital is permitted. We demand an end to so called free trade agreements. We will no longer stand for the lowering of standards for worker safety and environmental protection that these agreements permit. We will not accept trade agreements with nations such as Columbia that openly murder labor activists.
Capitalism unchecked leads to monopoly and that has proven disastrous. We must end too big too fail. We must no longer except giant agro business creating monoculture diets and hormone ridden food.
This list is not intended to be all inclusive and in no way limits further demands to be determined at later dates.

This list is not intended to be all inclusive and in no way limits further demands to be determined at later dates.