Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a fast dozen

Decided to try something a little different today rode as far as I could as fast as I could for as long as I could pulling hills. did 12 miles in 54 min. and that whipped my butt. I am not sure that it is much help for overall stamina but I needed to break things up as long slow rides in the rain are a drag and I want to keep motivated.
I put up a new photo album with some pictures along some of my rides. also the video from the camping trip to the Samoa Dunes is up on the website myvirtualmidlifecrisis.freewebspace.com so drop by and check it out

Sunday, October 28, 2007

a night at the beach

The trip to Samoa went pretty well. The trailer arrived and I had picked up a stove on Friday so off to the beach it was on Saturday. The Burley is a dream. I loaded it up as full as I think I will need for even a long trip. Extra clothes, maps, the full electronics and spare parts made for 60 lbs. On the trailer and another 5 lbs. on the bike. The extra weight was noticeable but I was still able to maintain a good pace. I will need to put in some more time building my legs up before I hit any real hill climbs though. The new equipment worked ok on the whole. The stove and cook set worked perfect as did the trailer. I added a safety cord today and a light but I want to get one of those flags that stick up and look dorkey as hell but I want to be seen. The new sleeping pad has a few bugs but I think I worked them out, as the valves are tricky as is the pump stuff sack deal. This should work out with a little more practice. I am going to get a new bag also as the mummy bag is just too confining. I have never liked them. There is a video from the trip that I am trying to put up on you tube but it is screwing with me today for some reason.
The weather sucked cold and foggy but I was pretty comfortable so it was a good test. I plan to go out again on Halloween if the weather breaks right. This time I want to try Moonstone but that will be an all day ride each way. I got up early to try to catch the kickoff this morning, what a waste.

Friday, October 26, 2007

A day for deliveries.

Spent the day on the road going to Arcata. Went to get a stove that was on sale. It is a brunton raptor
canister, super small and light weight. it came with a lantern also for about the same price as the stove itself in Eureka When I got back Dan from Sportcycle had left a message that the Burley was in so I took a break for some lunch then picked it up. The trailer is sweet here is a picture of it loaded for the trail.http://www.flickr.com/photos/radmul/1767592364/
Did the ride, 24 miles in all in 2 and 1/2 hours with about 30 minutes at the square in Arcata to shop and pack.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

dipping my toe into the Pacific

Rode out to the beach and took some pictures out on the sand. Did about 22 miles today and the toughest part was pushing the bike back up the sand. The weather turned cold but no rain just fog and gloom. Stopped at one point to take a photo of some particularly desolate looking trees that fit my mood and got a shot of a falcon taking wing hope it turns out. The Dunes recreation area is much quieter so I will be taking that route again. There is a park that allows camping so I will probably go spend a night out there as it is quiet and close enough that I can go without the trailer.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

southern hill climb

The Revolution will not be Televised
However you can watch my midlife crisis as it transpires on the net. I am planning a trip across America by bicycle for my 50th year on the planet. I plan to share my experience with the world by blog and video from its' conception. The vanity of this is not lost on me but self indulgence is a core principle of this endeavor. It grew out of a sense of frustration with the current way of life in America and despair that as a society we will ever change our values. I have decided to stop swimming up stream and go crazy at 10 miles per hour. If reality is preventing you from doing something completely ridiculous feel free to come along. Sign the guest book and tell me what location you want to visit (limited to the lower 48 states U.S. for now) and I will try to put it on the route.
Went south today out to king Salmon and the mouth of Humboldt bay. took some pics from the vista point. Had to laugh at the state historical marker talking about sailing into the harbor for the first time back in 1806. Of course there were about 20,000 natives living in the area at the time but what the hell. Came back along Herrick road and the hill climbs were a real butt kicker. Did about 20 miles total and much of it up hill. The weather was great but still way too much traffic.