Tuesday, October 23, 2007

southern hill climb

The Revolution will not be Televised
However you can watch my midlife crisis as it transpires on the net. I am planning a trip across America by bicycle for my 50th year on the planet. I plan to share my experience with the world by blog and video from its' conception. The vanity of this is not lost on me but self indulgence is a core principle of this endeavor. It grew out of a sense of frustration with the current way of life in America and despair that as a society we will ever change our values. I have decided to stop swimming up stream and go crazy at 10 miles per hour. If reality is preventing you from doing something completely ridiculous feel free to come along. Sign the guest book and tell me what location you want to visit (limited to the lower 48 states U.S. for now) and I will try to put it on the route.
Went south today out to king Salmon and the mouth of Humboldt bay. took some pics from the vista point. Had to laugh at the state historical marker talking about sailing into the harbor for the first time back in 1806. Of course there were about 20,000 natives living in the area at the time but what the hell. Came back along Herrick road and the hill climbs were a real butt kicker. Did about 20 miles total and much of it up hill. The weather was great but still way too much traffic.

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