Sunday, October 28, 2007

a night at the beach

The trip to Samoa went pretty well. The trailer arrived and I had picked up a stove on Friday so off to the beach it was on Saturday. The Burley is a dream. I loaded it up as full as I think I will need for even a long trip. Extra clothes, maps, the full electronics and spare parts made for 60 lbs. On the trailer and another 5 lbs. on the bike. The extra weight was noticeable but I was still able to maintain a good pace. I will need to put in some more time building my legs up before I hit any real hill climbs though. The new equipment worked ok on the whole. The stove and cook set worked perfect as did the trailer. I added a safety cord today and a light but I want to get one of those flags that stick up and look dorkey as hell but I want to be seen. The new sleeping pad has a few bugs but I think I worked them out, as the valves are tricky as is the pump stuff sack deal. This should work out with a little more practice. I am going to get a new bag also as the mummy bag is just too confining. I have never liked them. There is a video from the trip that I am trying to put up on you tube but it is screwing with me today for some reason.
The weather sucked cold and foggy but I was pretty comfortable so it was a good test. I plan to go out again on Halloween if the weather breaks right. This time I want to try Moonstone but that will be an all day ride each way. I got up early to try to catch the kickoff this morning, what a waste.

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