Tuesday, January 22, 2008

radmul is one strange dude

Today I have been watching the meltdown of the global markets. The MLK closure left us on the sidelines while the rest of the world decided we were boned and that while they were great places to live the failing of our shoppers to buy crap might effect them. The fed did what it does and protected the rich stealing from the poor 3/4 of an interest point and prevented a crash A good thing In my opinion but I am a pussy. what we should do if we are going to claim to favor markets is let the chips fall were they may but this would be pretty harsh and only the Ron Paul republicans and the Libertarian crazies are for that. Objectivism appeals to a segment of the privileged elite but in the end what will happen is a lot of poor folks will have there entire lives destroyed and the well off will have to tighten their belts for a while but they will move eventually to the next scam in a few years and be fine. What is my point you ask? Way to be a bummer captain bring down. The thing that makes me question my own sanity is that the thought occurred to me that the actor may have been killed to change the subject in the news cycle. I am not the only cynical person out there but this bothers me. Why does this sound plausible and Why did I go there so soon? Is this the new wag the dog?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Not feeling particularly clever

Spent the day on housework and a short ride before turning in to the debate of the Democrats. There were some entertainments early but in the end it was not very productive. In my opinion Edwards put on the best show, he made them look like bickering children on occasion but again I appear to have backed a dead horse. Of course Denis Kucinich was nowhere to be found but the media dealt him out day one. In this world I have really no political power at all. I am so far left that It is safe for the democrats to ignore me. The repugnant party platform means I will never vote for them. They have become so horrible, Huckleberry hound has advocated theocracy and people still act like he is not bat shit crazy. So that leaves the choice of voting for a third party that has no chance of winning but may end up Nadering somebody and getting the worst possible outcome. 4 more years of the same old shite. So I hold my nose work for the fringe until they fall by the wayside and try to drag the debate to the left. Do I sound depressed, bitter and cynical? The stories headline was too many PHDs, the number of jobs for doctoral graduates was too low to employ all the new graduates. Does this not sound scary? I thought that the way to move up was education. Is that not the Meme we are sold. I do not see our society lasting much longer in its present form. We may embrace the green technology and turn the country green but I think the pain will be unbearable for many before that is allowed to happen.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moon over my hammies

The best thing about this time of year is the smell of fresh air off the ocean. It is cold burns your throat when you breath but the sky is an incredible shade of blue. Today the moon was up, a half moon while I was riding and the cold took me to an isolated space. The thought occurs that I should try another campout for the 25th. There is no way I can start the trip in the winter but one night out at the coldest will tell me if my gear is up to it. I will eye the weather report and see what happens. We had a little excitement her with the visit of former president Clinton for a rally. The organizers screwed up and the people that were in line all day got kind of shoved out by line cutters so that sucked but I did not get there until that was all over. There was a buzz about the crowd and that was cool. The speech was the same old Clinton drivel, nothing explosive I am disappointed to say. Still probably the most interesting thing I will see this campaign season. Kusinich was coming to this area but his brother died and he had to cancel. My hamstrings are sore but two days in a row of cross-town rides is beginning to lift my spirits.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Out of the Demo

I have officially moved out of the target demographic. I have alerted the sunset robots and await my fate remorselessly. My first day over the hill was clear, blue and cold as a well diggers ass in the Klondike. The north wind is blowing hard so I got a nice workout but the cold is killing my joints. The layoff with the bug has killed my fitness so the next few weeks are going to suck but what else is new.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The world is doomed?

I should qualify that the world of American democracy is doomed because we are just too stupid to live. The entire fate of a nation depends on whether or not a middle aged woman got a little choked up at the right moment. I was dubious of all the run away freight train pronouncements when Obama won in Iowa. For me it was an indicator of Hillbillies top more than anything. The piece of data we need to determine this is not available, what was the count before the second choice people moved? My contention is that people that like Kucinich, Dodd, Biden and Richardson are closer to Obama than Clinton. We will never know. In New Hampshire the secret ballot and the need among the more liberal to not look racist again confounded the algorithms of the pollsters. The facts indicate that Clinton was way ahead early and retained her base in spite of the Obmentum created in Iowa. There are other factors at work but the way the media is framing this they get what they want. The Clinton camp gets to reinvent the comeback meme from 92 and the idea that it is a two-person race is sold to the people so they can spend less money on creating content i.e. covering the campaign. The Edwards campaign is lost and the Status Quo folks will get what they want a black man or a woman to run against. The MSM also keep the race alive long enough to get to the big media markets.
Back to stupidity, If Clinton almost crying had the effect that people are giving it we are toast. I do not like hillbilly but she is smart and capable. She is a pragmatist but lacks the ability to communicate the subtleties of policy to the morons in the public. This makes her resort to trying to bullshit us like the old man and I do not like this. Also she showed that power was more important than the right thing as they did not go to the mat for healthcare reform once they thought it might not be a winner. The second term was more important and that is unacceptable to me. Now we are going to vote for her because she shows she was a vulnerable woman and not a bitch. If that is in fact what happened and after watching George Bush delude the ignorant for eight years I believe it is possible.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Are we as ready for change as Iowa would seem to predict? How much was the OPRAH effect. That is the one thing that I have not seen any mention of in the media to this point. The fact that Oprah brought out huge crowds of white women to the process for the first time seems to have neutralized the hillbilly name recognition. Change is always the theme of the young and Obama has that meme locked up. Edwards is trapped by having lost in 04, I think once you loose on the big scale there is not the same chance for redemption that existed in the past. This is the same problem that McCaine is having. That and Edwards is outside the comfort zone of the corporate types so the media doesn’t cover him. Obama bothers me when he adopts the speaking style of MLK but I do not care for the minister speak that many find comforting. The hucklebuck has the same preacher style and that shit works so we are about to see if the young will come out in New Hampshire and keep the Obmentum going and what are the talk show ratings in the north east?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New year same lament

Happy New Year a little belated but what the hell. The weather has turned to storm and I am still feeling poorly. Today being the last day before the first actual voter participation in the presidential elections I thought I would weigh in one last time. The media has already kulled the K man so there is almost no chance that Dennis will be around in a week. In watching today’s cable babblings I have a lot more respect for Joe Biden, he was the only one of the candidates that would not debase him self by posing with a mister potato head doll in Iowa. Do we really want to select our leader based on their ability to pander to the morons in Middle America? The only one left in the race that I like is Edwards. I think he is the one that can win for two reasons; we are still racist and sexist here in the good old UsofA. The south turned over night when blacks were given the minimun of rights in society and those sentiments have not changed. I would love to be wrong and I do not want to Nader Obama but we are not as progressive as a whole as we want to believe. Hillbilly is a different matter because of her ability to instill such hate from her detractors. For me the question becomes are all the Christy types that cannot handle a woman in that group. She is the one that the corps would like best on the Dem side as she is pragmatic and has shown she is willing to cut loose the poor and the environment if there is a risk to profits and so with her they will still get what they want. This is how the Dumbocrats will blow this election cycle, my prediction.
When we took it when Gore was elected and we didn’t go Kenyan on their ass when they installed Bush it was all over. Watching Africa and Pakistan melt down over elections it is a mixed blessing that we are so civilized. We do not want death in the streets but we still got hosed just like they are getting hosed. We are going to die for greed just like they are in the end if we do not change directions.