Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The world is doomed?

I should qualify that the world of American democracy is doomed because we are just too stupid to live. The entire fate of a nation depends on whether or not a middle aged woman got a little choked up at the right moment. I was dubious of all the run away freight train pronouncements when Obama won in Iowa. For me it was an indicator of Hillbillies top more than anything. The piece of data we need to determine this is not available, what was the count before the second choice people moved? My contention is that people that like Kucinich, Dodd, Biden and Richardson are closer to Obama than Clinton. We will never know. In New Hampshire the secret ballot and the need among the more liberal to not look racist again confounded the algorithms of the pollsters. The facts indicate that Clinton was way ahead early and retained her base in spite of the Obmentum created in Iowa. There are other factors at work but the way the media is framing this they get what they want. The Clinton camp gets to reinvent the comeback meme from 92 and the idea that it is a two-person race is sold to the people so they can spend less money on creating content i.e. covering the campaign. The Edwards campaign is lost and the Status Quo folks will get what they want a black man or a woman to run against. The MSM also keep the race alive long enough to get to the big media markets.
Back to stupidity, If Clinton almost crying had the effect that people are giving it we are toast. I do not like hillbilly but she is smart and capable. She is a pragmatist but lacks the ability to communicate the subtleties of policy to the morons in the public. This makes her resort to trying to bullshit us like the old man and I do not like this. Also she showed that power was more important than the right thing as they did not go to the mat for healthcare reform once they thought it might not be a winner. The second term was more important and that is unacceptable to me. Now we are going to vote for her because she shows she was a vulnerable woman and not a bitch. If that is in fact what happened and after watching George Bush delude the ignorant for eight years I believe it is possible.

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