Monday, January 21, 2008

Not feeling particularly clever

Spent the day on housework and a short ride before turning in to the debate of the Democrats. There were some entertainments early but in the end it was not very productive. In my opinion Edwards put on the best show, he made them look like bickering children on occasion but again I appear to have backed a dead horse. Of course Denis Kucinich was nowhere to be found but the media dealt him out day one. In this world I have really no political power at all. I am so far left that It is safe for the democrats to ignore me. The repugnant party platform means I will never vote for them. They have become so horrible, Huckleberry hound has advocated theocracy and people still act like he is not bat shit crazy. So that leaves the choice of voting for a third party that has no chance of winning but may end up Nadering somebody and getting the worst possible outcome. 4 more years of the same old shite. So I hold my nose work for the fringe until they fall by the wayside and try to drag the debate to the left. Do I sound depressed, bitter and cynical? The stories headline was too many PHDs, the number of jobs for doctoral graduates was too low to employ all the new graduates. Does this not sound scary? I thought that the way to move up was education. Is that not the Meme we are sold. I do not see our society lasting much longer in its present form. We may embrace the green technology and turn the country green but I think the pain will be unbearable for many before that is allowed to happen.

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