Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moon over my hammies

The best thing about this time of year is the smell of fresh air off the ocean. It is cold burns your throat when you breath but the sky is an incredible shade of blue. Today the moon was up, a half moon while I was riding and the cold took me to an isolated space. The thought occurs that I should try another campout for the 25th. There is no way I can start the trip in the winter but one night out at the coldest will tell me if my gear is up to it. I will eye the weather report and see what happens. We had a little excitement her with the visit of former president Clinton for a rally. The organizers screwed up and the people that were in line all day got kind of shoved out by line cutters so that sucked but I did not get there until that was all over. There was a buzz about the crowd and that was cool. The speech was the same old Clinton drivel, nothing explosive I am disappointed to say. Still probably the most interesting thing I will see this campaign season. Kusinich was coming to this area but his brother died and he had to cancel. My hamstrings are sore but two days in a row of cross-town rides is beginning to lift my spirits.

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