Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pictures of life

Putting a few pictures of a summer's day ride about town up to share. Flowers and birds belie the vacant storefronts and homeless camps a few streets away.

The diversity of life and the devistation of dreams side by side.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pelican bleat

The day was cool but no fog so I soaked and stretched and rode down to the water to think. Watching the brown pelicans and the king fishers dive for their meals. They are spectacular, the precision with which they operate. It amazes me to watch what 13 . 7 billion years of random chance, of quantum probabilities can produce. The interaction of quarks and strings, the tiny variations in the strength of hydrogen bonds. The solutions to survival that has come out of that dance is awe inspiring when I take the time to pay attention.

We always have lots of seagulls here but I have never seen this many pelicans in a group so that is cool. I wish I had some footage of the trip to Florida where the Pelicans flew by at eye level along the break water. 10 or 15 birds in a line gliding along on massive wings.

I let myself get wrapped up in nonsense too often and forget how spectacular it is to live here on the Humboldt Bay. As we are never likely to win a battle in the future it seems rather pointless to go to war.

I am stable and feel like writing some of the time. Am playing with the 3rd man story again but got weirded out when the EPD showed up in large numbers. I had fallen into the page so did not notice what went on till they were packing up to leave. The encounter had something to do with one of the homeless dudes but I didn’t see an ambulance so I will have to check out the local news in a few days.

I will post an exerpt in a few days if I can keep it rolling.