Saturday, January 5, 2008


Are we as ready for change as Iowa would seem to predict? How much was the OPRAH effect. That is the one thing that I have not seen any mention of in the media to this point. The fact that Oprah brought out huge crowds of white women to the process for the first time seems to have neutralized the hillbilly name recognition. Change is always the theme of the young and Obama has that meme locked up. Edwards is trapped by having lost in 04, I think once you loose on the big scale there is not the same chance for redemption that existed in the past. This is the same problem that McCaine is having. That and Edwards is outside the comfort zone of the corporate types so the media doesn’t cover him. Obama bothers me when he adopts the speaking style of MLK but I do not care for the minister speak that many find comforting. The hucklebuck has the same preacher style and that shit works so we are about to see if the young will come out in New Hampshire and keep the Obmentum going and what are the talk show ratings in the north east?

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