Thursday, January 3, 2008

New year same lament

Happy New Year a little belated but what the hell. The weather has turned to storm and I am still feeling poorly. Today being the last day before the first actual voter participation in the presidential elections I thought I would weigh in one last time. The media has already kulled the K man so there is almost no chance that Dennis will be around in a week. In watching today’s cable babblings I have a lot more respect for Joe Biden, he was the only one of the candidates that would not debase him self by posing with a mister potato head doll in Iowa. Do we really want to select our leader based on their ability to pander to the morons in Middle America? The only one left in the race that I like is Edwards. I think he is the one that can win for two reasons; we are still racist and sexist here in the good old UsofA. The south turned over night when blacks were given the minimun of rights in society and those sentiments have not changed. I would love to be wrong and I do not want to Nader Obama but we are not as progressive as a whole as we want to believe. Hillbilly is a different matter because of her ability to instill such hate from her detractors. For me the question becomes are all the Christy types that cannot handle a woman in that group. She is the one that the corps would like best on the Dem side as she is pragmatic and has shown she is willing to cut loose the poor and the environment if there is a risk to profits and so with her they will still get what they want. This is how the Dumbocrats will blow this election cycle, my prediction.
When we took it when Gore was elected and we didn’t go Kenyan on their ass when they installed Bush it was all over. Watching Africa and Pakistan melt down over elections it is a mixed blessing that we are so civilized. We do not want death in the streets but we still got hosed just like they are getting hosed. We are going to die for greed just like they are in the end if we do not change directions.

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