Monday, March 24, 2008

Jedediah Springfield Smith:

Simpson fans remember Jedediah as the Pirate turned mountain man and town founder. It always reminded me of Jedediah Strong Smith. The redwood park is really beautiful made up of massive old growth trees but Smith was another one of those “First white Guys” that explored the west. I do not mean to say it wasn’t daring and tough and all but it always bothers me when you go exploring where people are already living. It did not work out for the locals most of the time. Matt G being a “Greener” he may have been there or he may have been inspired by something completely different.
The trip to Crescent City was postponed by the December bug is in the planning stage. Day one Patrick’s Point State Park. Day two Jedediah Smith State Park. Day three day of rest and exploration. Day four Humboldt Lagoon right on the ocean. Day five Clam Beach and then home on day 6. Need to go over my supplies and pick up a few items.
More batteries rechargeable.
The Ipod charger from AA batteries.
A mileage computer for the machine.
Bike cover and chamois.
Additional memory card for the camera.
New Running shoes.
Then it is a matter of finding a weather window and stocking the food. Notice I build in rest on the third day. Resting days on the road are when I hope to write and organize updates for the site.

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