Thursday, March 13, 2008

Smart people with dumb beliefs part deux.

I have blogged about this before but watching today’s news makes my head want to explode. Let me first dispense with the Governor of NY and expensive hypocrites. My position on prostitution is that humans own their own bodies and you should be able to sell sex like anything else. I think you should be able to sell Kidneys and other extra parts on Ebay as well in theory. In reality prostitution means exploitation and pain even when legalized for lots of its participants. The legal prostitution in Amsterdam’s red-light for instance while better than the system most places has been unable to prevent the trafficking of poor women from eastern Europe into a form of slavery. Nor has prohibition prevented San Francisco from having Asian slaves in massage parlors. The dualism pervasive in western thought works against solutions as does the puritan sniggling of the talking news chicks. That being said prostitution does not have to degrade anyone and should be decriminalized at least to protect the participants. It is my same feeling, as on immigration making a human being illegal helps nothing. It simply allows those in authority an opportunity to prey on the weak. Spitzer still had to go because rather than stand up and say, “hey I like to bang hookers bare-back in the rear” he gave us some disappointed my standards bull crap. You were putting people in danger of ass rape to build your career for doing exactly what you were doing. My solution for you, don’t drop the soap scumbag. Bang a hooker, blow guys in airport bathrooms, put on a diaper and get your freak on I don’t care but if you make your living persecuting your fellow enthusiasts when you get caught you go down.
Now to the race baiting affirmative action dog whistling that is dominating the campaign news. I voted for the Mondale-Ferraro ticket and at the time thought that Gerri made the case that she was qualified but I have never been of the opinion that men are smarter than women having grown up with a sister that is a genius so I was easily convinced evidently. She seems to actually believe that as a product of affirmative action she was peter principled and so all affirmative action leads to incompetence. If she had not run out this same meme in the 80’s about Jessie Jackson I would give her the benefit of the doubt but unfortunately like Dr. Watson another highly educated pioneer she is stuck in the dark-ages about skin color. Feminists are pissed as their chance at power is slipping away and it may not be fair but going race is to hand the election to McBush. I wonder if the Red phone fear mongering from the Mondale era was her idea. My position is that we can ill afford 4 years of the right as we are already past the tipping point for global climate and the endless war is evil. This subject leaps out at me as a white male of lower middle class background, as my ilk is the target audience I see it sometimes when it may not be there as this is the same thing that the Regan scum used to attract the so called, “Reagan Democrats.” I have made no secret of the fact that I think we are still pretty bigoted and as my black friend from the Daily show so aptly put it, “We are only voting for the chance to vote for a black president. Come November a 70 year old white guy might be just the change they are looking for” And actions like Senator Clinton and her surrogates are part of the problem not the solution.

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