Friday, March 28, 2008

Trip to the Bike shop

Say hello to Rocky the porch cat. Most days he sits on our porch as we get the most sun and least wind. I have found that online cats and porch cats are easier to take care of than actual pets. Other people feed them and they give me the indignant attitude and looks just as if I owned them.
Got up early and headed to the bike shop. had an appointment for a tune-up and to add an odometer. Dan is my mechanic now that Sean has moved on to bigger and better as they say. The new Gadget is from Specialized. Gives speed, time, distance and a bunch of other things that I will eventually figure out. Shot a little video that is upon the youtube radmul channel. Got all fancy with a title and end credit and fade in. Yes the crisis is trying to up the quality on a regular basis as part of my effort to move into new media douchebaggery. I put a serious post up on the tattoed scientist a windows live blog that I think I will shift the more political ravings onto. Not all things blend well and I will link here when something goes up. This is an article on the state of rape in post invasion Iraq. It contains links to some very disturbing images so consider yourself warned.
Been running errands in the rain all day starting with Prosport. Then had to go to the mall to hit the Radio Shack for a memory card for the cam 2gigs for 19 bucks. They wanted $45 for the same thing elsewhere. Had no idea that those things were so pricey. It gives me another 35 minutes of video without having to load it to the computer so should have plenty of video from the road. Also picked up spare cables for breaks and shifter. Got more batteries the other day and found some new shoes that I liked. Unhappy that they were made in China but the New Balance were not comfy so I had no real choice.
The Cresent city trip should happen next week and then I am looking at the tour of the unknown coast a 100k that goes to the Avenue of the Giants.


Linda said...

You write very well.

Mina said...

Rocky's gorgeous! Thanks for the pic, doll:-)