Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Kiss of Death

I voted today in a primary that actually has a small bit of meaning. My endorsement has meant dropping out early for the most part. Our official candidate DK fell by the wayside when the media was first able to exclude him. The torch was passed to Edwards and he quit a few days after I blogged about it so my vote for Obama may be the kiss of death but we shall see tonight. I like BHO but he is weak on some issues that I find Important and he seems to be more about a feeling than substance. Not that he is an insubstantial guy but his appeal is more the feeling of hope he projects than the nuts and bolts of his positions. Not my favorite position but I do not like the disingenuous manner that the Clinton camp operates in. In the end I am a pessimistic bastard so I see the repugnicans winning as the country goes sexist or racist. I have said it before I hope I am wrong but do not see a path through the Electoral College for either of the remaining Dems to win. I wanted to post this prediction before the polls close most places but the in breeders have gone Hucklebuck in West Virginia he took 52% of the vote had to laugh.
The training has been hard to get going again but I am out every day and will continue to rebuild as I can. I am just having a tough time pulling out of the funk but I am not giving up. I also need to tune up the machine again now that the harvest is done. Another let down but the mites won and I am about done with that altogether. I just can’t rationalize the power consumption in this day and age. That and there is just no chance that D can do this alone even if I find him a helper.

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