Monday, February 11, 2008

From electron to Idea?

I am back to daily rides and working some of the kinks out. The weather is still lousy but I am beginning to get out of the funk. I am not sure I will ever get by the time of Cary’s birthday without getting bummed out but this year it seemed to start right after Thanksgiving. Being sick did not help but enough whining.
The death kiss of Radmul proved ineffective against Obama and in fact may have operated in reverse as the Senator from Illinois has been on a roll since I voted for him. While he lost the state he carried my district and got our delegate. Since Ca he has swept the caucus states so he may get the nod and that will be interesting.
I am back to thinking about Ideas and consciousness and how one gets from an electron to an idea. I want to organize my thinking a bit more and then I think I will record a question for think big. and see if anyone can give me some input. The web has proven ineffective for me but I have some dialogs and will keep trying. Everyone is talking and no one is listening is a problem but if I come up with something to say I will develop a wider audience I think. The bones of my thinking involve the ways in which the brain cells interact. What are the surface proteins on neurons and how do they interact based on position and proximity and surroundings in addition to action potentials. This comes from a story I saw about bacterium communicating without contact. I still have not found enough research on this subject to put my idea together but I have not found that anyone else has put this together but I am still reading. It seems to explain some of the extra complexity that neuronal connections alone do not explain. It also is possible that this explains the movement before action potential effect of Libet. The number of things I need a deeper understanding of to explore this is long. Entanglement of electrons, surface protein communications I have a pretty good handle on in general but specifics get hairy. I need to look at advancements in neurophysiology and evolutionary biology as this give rise to questions of group selection or at a minimum a complicated co-evolutionary process. I also have to improve my online data sharing and gathering skills.

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