Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hoping against hope

The world is not fair and when you realize that life has given you a royal screwing and has no intention of stopping anytime soon it can be a rude awakening. With apologies to Steven King and Ferddy Jenklo who learned this at age 10 the truth is just now coming to Hillary Clinton and it probably really bites. I do not particularly like Hill and Bill because they turned out to be self-serving liars that in the end cared only about themselves and how"they could save us" not that as a people we could move forward. They were always reluctant to sell the idea that they were pushing in an honest way. The Slick Willey moniker was easy to sell to the masses because of the circumspect way they parse language. That being said I think she got screwed by the media and a misogynist culture. The wingnuts at fox were going to treat her like a hated liberal no matter what and you expect them to have that condescending attitude toward women that unless they are hot and vapid they are scary. What I was surprised at was how almost everyone else in the media seemed to think that treating a sitting Senator like a housewife was cool. With the Clintons it is hard to tell how much is the hate they engender and the woman factor but the tone seemed to be set early in the race at the debates. While an articulate woman was on the stage answering questions the drooling commentators were talking about how hot Mrs. Kucinich was. the daily show said it best from that point they set her up to fail by calling her the presumptive nominee so that when she hit a few snags it was a disaster. I think what this showed is that middle class white guys are worried about being called racist but sexist they can live with. It was the nappy headed that did in the Iman not the ho's.
Why it worked I have no doubt will be a subject of scholarly tomes for years but you cannot run against hope. Obama inspires and Clinton bores and she may be smarter and more experienced but when she goes out on the stump and says pretty words and speeches don't matter, that it is the hard work that gets things done, that is a loser. She fell into the trap that many competent people do. She thought that it mattered that she had the right answers and we all saw how far that got Al Gore and John Kerry when they had no Zazz. To be fair Gore won despite the Clinton disgust factor. I think that the Senator from New York looked at the monkey in chief and his band of bonobos and thought that the world would jump at competence. I do not know if we will get the change we are hoping for, after all we are only voting for the chance to vote for a blackman.

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