Thursday, February 28, 2008

Groundhog plus 3

Found a cover for the bag today. Heavy green vinyl it is waterproof and adds 10 degrees to the temp rating. I think it will double as a tarp covering the trailer while I ride. Found it locally at 10 bucks less than I had seen it for on the web so that was cool. Hope to get back out soon, three weeks till the equinox and the weather has warmed a bit. Have been getting in some good rides but need to start stretching the distance again to get my wind up again. Also picked up some fire starter for the next night at the beach.
I wanted to share a few more thoughts on the Bison at Yellowstone but that post was getting out of hand. I still wonder what the beast was thinking or if he was thinking at all. It seemed obvious that we posed little threat to him, I doubt he would have come so close if he was even remotely threatened. The animals in a park like that are pseudo wild in that they are used to the presence of people, (the bison are rounded up and vaccinated each year) but they interact minimally. The last thing I will add is that they seemed to be very contented. The calm air of the self satisfied permeated the groups behavior. They just seemed very cool as opposed to the bored glazed over look that cows have.

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