Monday, February 18, 2008

Timing is everthing

The news from the front lines of fitness, I am out of shape. I will fight through the winter but damn I am sore. I had planned to send a little note to the Obama folks today on the Language of one of his speeches, “when you search your genealogy you hope to get lucky and be related to someone cool.” Here he pauses for a laugh after making some reference to cousin Dick. The rim shot line for that joke is, “well Dick Cheney did. I decided to skip that today as he is battling a plagiarism charge and probably not in the mood for criticism of such a trivial nature. I am so tired of petty squabbles but I fear this is the type of thing that works and that we will see more of. So much for my career as a political joke writer, timing is everything.
Also on my mind is cosmology. In light of what I am learning about dark energy and dark matter I think a cube of gelatin makes a better model for space-time than the trampoline with the bowling ball. Since gravity operates in all directions always attracting and dark energy operates in all directions always repulsing a 3d model of how space-time is warped seems more useful. I am talking about a model for educating school kids and nonscientists. The vacuum of space is more “viscous” than it appears and as even the empty parts have some energy. The Vacuum energy or the cosmological constant occupies even the most empty of spaces. The constant part of that I do not quite understand because if the universe is expanding I would thing it would have to dissipate in order to be conserved so that model needs more study by me and the other theory I was unfamiliar with so I need to read up on it a bit. Experimental physics is after all a bit complicated lol. This is a great age to be a dilettante with the mass of info available to all at the touch of a button. What I am thinking is possible on a computer screen maybe. If not make a very low-density fluid in a vinyl enclosure suspend light spheres of a ferrous metal and use a magnet to show the interaction.

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