Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CNN watchers are whack

I had coffee with Mina while she did her nails and I made the rounds of my news sources. It is a needed distraction, as my head wants to explode with today’s news coverage. I am obviously a political junkies o the fact that 3 or 4 very important things are happening and Steroids are all that anyone is talking about. The Senate sold us out and gave the telecom companies immunity so we will never get to the bottom of the domestic spying done by Bush and his ilk. We are putting 6 guys on trial for participating in the 911 bombings and will try to execute people based on testimony obtained by torture in kangaroo courts. A man that thinks we can borrow and spend our way out of an economic situation caused by borrowing and spending is throwing away $170 billion dollars and what is the nation glued to? Roger Clemmons and steroid using baseball players. The big loser is Barack Obama in this none event as he all but locked up the momentum into March and the only thing that will be on the news is nonsense and railing against the nonsense and lost will be the total ass whipping that Obama has been giving Clinton. The Democratic Party has chosen inspiration over experience. The name recognition that the early primaries gave Clinton has evaporated and I think it is over. The reasons will be debated for decades but I will put forth my two cents early and see what happens. I will admit to an anti Hillary bias in that I find her and Bill to be untruthful. They speak with the forked tongue of the white man because they think they know better. People really resent that even when it is true. I think we have the better argument and all you have to do is stick to the facts and don’t cave and eventually we will win and by we I mean the left wing peace nut environmentalist humanist types. She has the dark queens desire to wield power for good but the power has a little too much pull. She would take up the one ring and we would all be dammed. This is a little extreme but the metaphor was to tempting to pass up and after all I am trying to get the creative juices flowing. That being said I would vote for her against any wing nut from the GOP, as she is smarter than most of us myself included. So here is why she lost and why the Obama camp won.
The anti war movement of the Democratic Party is energized. Most of us are not morons and while we are pissed about the war going on we know that the only hope to get out of Iraq is with a Democrat in the White House. These tend to be the young and Barack speaks to them better than Hillary. This brings me to my second point that Hillary is a dull speaker. People see another Al Gore John Kerry no personality wonk when they watch her speak. We like to be bullshitted, we don’t like to be told we have to work hard. By framing the discussion in inspiration rather than nuts and bolts he succeeds in keeping up the higher energy levels that turns out voters. I hate that it is this way, form over substance but it seems to be. I am not saying Obama does not have any substance just that his speeches are short on details. She was never as far ahead as the polls showed. The name recognition factor gave her all the early numbers and as the others went up she stayed the same and her high negatives going in doomed her in the end. Her support was soft among the people and more importantly the donors and when anyone else became viable she collapsed. These are the major themes for me. I think she miscalculated much the same as Rudy about the short attention span of people and the momentum factor. The #1 at the box office is huge in our culture. Another phenomenon that seems more prevalent among the younger population.
I also want to discuss some factors related to media coverage; while I think they played a role I do not think that role was as large as the media will play it up in the spate of books that will be spawned by this election cycle. The news media for the large part is very sexist in their attitudes. They are condescending to women and treated Senator Clinton as a woman in their concept of how a woman should be treated. The same mentality that makes guys like George Bush think it is appropriate to rub the shoulders of Andrea Merkel the leader of Germany . A lot of feminists are hacked off about this and rightly so. It will be hard to measure this effect but the media was very careful about racial buzzwords in relation to Obama and a lot of big names seemed to hate Clinton almost as much as any right wing conspirator. The complicating factor is that the corporate types think that Hillary helps the republicans so they want to run against her with Mcwarnut and keep their power in tact. The amount of sexism verses Clinton hatred will be hard to gage.
The next thing to address is will the youth vote show up in November? Half the viewers at CNN thought that two guys telling completely different stories were both telling the truth.

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