Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why the writers deserve to loose?

The training is progressing as inexorably as the change of seasons. 20 miles in a bitter cold wind is a major buzz kill but the clear blue of the sky will help to clear your mind. I have been reading about cultural evolution and memes as part of my exploration of philosophy and that brings me to my title for today's blather.

The writers of television for better or worse are the driving force in cultural evolution in the modern world. TV is the primary shared experience in American culture and the viral memes that it spreads permeate our public opinion. I will confess that I have stopped watching episodic TV for the most part as I am outside the target demographic and it just doesn't have the entertainment value for me that it once did. I still tune in to the new Simpson episodes and watch PBS but I get my news from I.N.N. and Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. When ABC put their programs up on the web in HD I was at first eager to check it out as living at the ass end of the technology pipeline we have not been participants in the Hd revolution. Until last year we did not even have the high speed Internet due to a dispute over 20 miles of fiber optics. Then I went to the web page and found that there was not a single show that I would waste a half hour watching but that is about taste and my point is about culture. The writers of Hollywood have consistently ridiculed the protest movement and organized labor in their programs for decades. Union leaders are portrayed as no better than mafia dons and the protesters of social injustice on the picket lines are pot smoking hippies or communist dopes. Now the seeds of this despicable duplicity have come home to roost and the average person thinks these overpaid writers are trying to get paid for nothing. They have denigrated the teamsters as lazy union protected slobs and are now surprised when others are not flocking to their cause in union solidarity. They have repeatedly proclaimed the teachers union as the reason our children are not educated rather than the feeble funding of schools. Now that you have created a culture that hates unions and decries the dignity of labor you expect other workers to line up for you to get paid. I am afraid I must say reap what you sow.

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