Friday, November 16, 2007

Cold, wet soreand disgusted

Winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance or maybe I have become a major pussy in my sleep. The rain and fog cut into my joints like rusty nails when I rode yesterday and I am groaning mightily this AM. The cold weather is not the only thing getting me down these days but it is enough. The politics of this nation have again become a major buzz kill. I watched the dancing monkeys of the Democratic Party shuck and jive to the moronic questions at the CNN debate from Nevada. I don’t know why the folks that own that network hate immigrants so much, it could be they are just the most convenient scapegoat or maybe they just don’t like the sound of Spanish? Does it really matter to that many people I don’t know? I am not worried that the guy that picks the grapes or the motel maid is sneaking a bomb over the border in a backpack. As a human being I am offended that we let American corporations go to the Latin American nations and destroy their economies pollute their farm lands and ensure that they can no longer grow their own food, (Monsanto and others actually produce crops that cannot be used as seed to control foreign economies) and then we want to build a fence and say starve. With the coming changes in climate the day may come that our Canadian neighbors to the north may build their own fence and tell us to go fuck ourselves when it gets to be 120 in the shade in Texas in December. Wtf at least my arthritis won’t be aching

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