Monday, November 5, 2007

"To study philosophy is to learn to die"

The search for meaning goes on, as does the training. After the ride back from the beach I was whipped and had to rest up on Sunday. Today has been errand running and work on a few bits of equipment. Replaced the broken water bottle cage and rode some hills. Then I set up the tent and sealed the seams. The salesperson told me that it was factory waterproofed but I got a little damp from condensation so a quick perusal of the instructions pointed out that it was the floor that was sealed but the other seams were not so that is now taken care of. I am planning to go out again Wednesday if there is not too much rain in the forecast.
I have been reading more on consciousness and free will but the more I read the less satisfied I become with the answers. Are we nothing but bags of parasites and random electrical discharges? Can we make our own decisions? It would appear not. I find nothing in my readings that gives any evidence for us being able to control outcomes and so I find no path to responsibility. Why do I do what I do? It would seem I have no ability to do otherwise. I don’t care for this answer but the universe doesn’t give a flying fuck if I like it or not so what’s a Radmul to do?
The title is from the roman thinker Cicero.

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