Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey day at Camel rock

I decided to embrace global warming and ride up the coast for the holiday. The weather was dry and the wind cold but high fifties at the end of November is a little weird. I thought I had been getting in shape but towing a loaded trailer on a bike is different than just riding evidently as I was whipped by the ride up and ended camping at clam beach. The next day I went up the hill to Westhaven and Camel rock to watch the surfers. A great day all in all even though today I am one sore puppy. 25 miles out and then 35 on day two with the hills between the Little River and Trinidad it was exhausting. The condensation problem was reduced by seam sealing the tent fly but not completely eliminated even though I used the extra stakes and guyed the fly to avoid any contact. The poles still touch but it was very minor.
The road kill was odd this trip, along with the usual skunks and crows I was distraught to see one of my favorite birds dead in McKinleyville, a Peregrine falcon. I also saw the body of a red fox, I did not even know there were any foxes left around here so that was a bit of a drag.
The wind driven surf was up to 4 or 5 feet and there were a lot of surfers out. A bit of a surprise although winter surfing is the norm in northern California.The film I shot was overwhelmed by the sunshine so it is too washed out to post I think.

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