Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Genocide Day

The cold clear blue sky will be my blanket tonight as I am taking to the road once again. No rain in the forecast so I am off to Patrick's Point state park. I am a little ambivalent about this holiday as it is about many things I find abhorrent. There is no god so who or is it whom? Am I am giving thanks to? Also it was the beginning of the greatest genocide in the history of the world. I include the slave trade in this but some call that a separate slaughter. Either way I don't see it as cause for celebration. And then we have Black Friday the most obscene day in our modern culture when we drag our bloated bellies off to box mart and buy the fruits of child labor to stick under our dead trees to celebrate a fantasy that is the root of much of Americas bigotry. How can you not love it?

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