Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The sword of Damocles

Friday we are heading to the oncology department for the plan of action. Based on what I have been able to figure out the options are bad and badder, worse and worser. Doesn’t matter how you slice it Stage 4 pancreatic cancer is terminal and as fast as my friend is fading I am thinking the short end of the range is in his future. They started to talk to him about treatment while he was in the hospital and when the options sounded pretty poor he shut them off. It is not my place to tell him that 6 months from now there is 99% probability that he will no longer exist. I am going to let the doctor deliver that blow.

I am going to enjoy the brief respite before the blow is struck. Don is visiting with his sister today and she is helping him pick up some new slippers and Pjs. Friday will come soon enough and tough choices will wait a few more days.

We were in Sacramento for an Xray and then tried a foot-long chili dog from Sonic. It was one of those disappointing moments that always happens when a franchise doesn’t translate to a new location. Two bites and D was done for the day. Shame, as when we were down in the south the Conney dogs were quite tasty.

Did not bring the camera and was immediately sorry. The Sierra Nevada were dusted with snow and the smog in the valley was rained away enough to see them. A rare and wondrous thing to lighten the day. If it happens again I will try to capture the look but will fail to convey the emotion it evokes.

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