Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cruisin on a winter afternoon

Took a ride down memory lane today. Drove by the California Maritime Academy and out by the old C&H sugar factory over in Crockett. Took some photos and talked about the old times. Went by the motel that the Dman and his bride first stayed in when they began the great adventure that was the Navy and moving cross country. Lake Chabot has become a 6 flags amusement park and the spot that at different times we both fished for stocked trout in the summers of our youth is no more. There is a new second bridge all concrete and asphalt with a $5 toll as opposed to the 45cents of my high school days. That Erector set iron construct still functioning for east bound traffic is much more interesting architecturally. The wind was thundering off the straights biting cold, piercing to the bone and charging the brain with a million volts.
Probably the last ride out but a good one.

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