Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prognosis Negative

Was not able to find the clip of the episode that Elaine forced Jerry to see the horrible film of my title for the second time but enjoy "Death Blow"

Don’t quite know How much of what is going on to share with the world. It is egotistical to think anyone is remotely interested in our little travails. I must have that level of ego as I continue to write with little regard as to the number of readers. For those following along at home Don got conformation that he has pancreatic cancer this week. He has gone from disabled to helpless in about 5 weeks so I am not very optimistic. I have tried to be positive for Don and there are improvements in treatment but with liver mets the prognosis is pretty fucked. He has been in denial through the whole process and I see no reason at this point to burst his bubble.

It is rather odd to me that in an age when the prevailing meme is that we are not exposed to death that I am and have been around so much. Had to tell Don’s sister that they were not offering surgery as the cancer has metastasized to the liver already. Pancreatic tends to get diagnosed late and that leads to the poor outcomes but D had been avoiding going to the doctor hoping that his problems would go away for way too long. It is always better to start treatment early. Not Going To The Doctor Because You Are Afraid Of The Answer Will Kill You!!!!!!

I do see one big improvement in the treatment of pain from the physicians. The suffering builds character bullshit is gone.

I am pretty bummed at this point in the process. Don is hospitalized with pneumonia and is having to face his lack of options. I am beginning to run down from the work load and the stress. Watching a friend go through something no one does well is no fun but if you care about others sometime you just have to suck it up and help them best you can.

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