Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picked up a helmet today for the Tour of the Unknown Coast this weekend. I am going to do the 100k as the 100 miler I think will be a bit long. I am getting in a lot of miles but I am not up for exhaustion and the hills are a bit intimidating on much of that route. I plan to head south about noon on Friday so I have a good shot at beating some of the wind. Wind has been vicious this week 20 plus and cold so not a lot of fun training this week. Also on the not fun front had some dog problems. Leash laws are not enforced much and had a German Sheppard attack at of all places the hippie stoner coffee shop. Those people have become useless since they changed owners anyway, never have any coffee. When you are in the coffee selling racket how do you constantly run out of beans. Anyway didn’t get hurt that bad but wrecked some jeans and ate up a bunch of time filing a complaint and I still had to find another source for my dark roast.
Spent some time writing and part 4 of the Black Mina is up on my rude blog. It is intended for mature audiences and that is an easy way to protect the youngsters. Rude is free to join so check it out and if you want send me a rude mail and I will hook you up with some free house passes for access to voyeur cams and the like. Part of the crisis attitude is to do as much as possible using free hosting sites free storage for photos and videos, basically to add content in exchange for usage. I have added a bit of advertising but I hope to keep that sort of thing to minimum as this is not really a money making venture. The ads are supposed to be tailored so I hope they are not too annoying.
Speaking of annoying I am still having problems with the laptop so for the time being I will only be uploading from the homestead. I will need to find a repair spot but I just haven’t gotten round to it. Also had to order a new bottom bracket for the machine. It has a bit of slop but not a real problem I just don’t want to breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Dan at Sports Cycle assures me it will hold up for the tour as the new parts will not show until the middle of next week.

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