Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dual rant

I have a very smart young friend that I met out on the internets and one day she was talking about Descartes and how The idea of dualism has fucked up the thinking process of our society. She was naked at the time so she had my full attention. While there were many points that she discussed the area that brings it home to me is in the area of politics.
America was not design as a two party system but that is what it has decayed into. Listening to the plethora of pundits endlessly pontificating about one side or the others talking points prevents us from actually solving the ills that face us. The mistaken impression that there are two sides to every story is so infantile. I guess that is why it is successful as we have a pretty infantile electorate in the land of my birth.
I will attempt to illustrate my point using the war in Iraq as my example. In January of 03 we were deluged with lies about what was going on in Iraq and that was bad enough but the true problem was in the way the liars framed the solution. We had to invade and destroy the regime or face the threat of nuclear attack. The only other possibility was that the regime stay in power and we do nothing. Do you want to let the Evil man continue to abuse his people or shall we invade? This is still being used by the right wing apologists “would you rather have Sadaam in power or the cluster fuck that we have now?”. It just never occurs to them that third or fourth options existed. We could have offered him a huge some of money and exile to a tropical Isle for instance or we could have called upon some of our super spies to assassinate him. I would prefer either of those unpalatable ideas to the million dead Iraqis but I find wholesale repugnant and that is an example of a case when there is only one side to the story. Much like gravity and evolution they just are and any made up counter argument is worthless.
The solution to the problem is complex and I doubt it will occur but I think it is time for a constitutional convention. Let us take what we have learned in the past 200 odd years and revamp the system so that we can live in a better world. Get rid of the long delays between election and relinquishment of power, get rid of all the nonsense that makes our system the so far from actual democracy. We are not trying to preserve slavery so why do we need a Senate that give the 600,000 clowns in Wyoming as much power as 36 million in California. And yes you people in Wyoming elected Dick fucking Cheney so you are Clowns of the highest order. Let us quit fearing the masses and instead improve our educational system, strengthen the protection of civil rights in the constitution and allow the majority to actually rule. No that will not solve all our problems, remember the point about dualism, but it will be a huge improvement. I give as my best argument the fact that the majority of us voted for Al Gore but the undemocracy we live in gave us the disaster that is Chimp W. Bush. Once again a case that only has one side.
I know I promised less politics and more biking but consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds and as the assholes in charge are want to say, “Go fuck yourself.” Dick head Cheney to a sitting Senator.
My smart friend has a webpage at or go by and check out the entire naked truth about dualism and see if you don’t agree.

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