Friday, May 16, 2008

Heat wave

The weather has changed in radical fashion. The temp hit 100 yesterday and mid 90's today. I have never seen it that hot here even in August let alone May. 1oo on the bay is so muggy it is hard to breath but what the hey it is what it is. After the last long ride I broke down and picked up a pair of bike pants. I hate looking like a yupster but the jeans chafe like a bitch and the new pants are very nice. With the underarmour shirts and new helmet I no longer have that hobo look and it is really quite amazing how different people act towards me now. I find it very sad that to be treated as a person one can't wear jeans and a T-shirt on a bike. Still waiting on new part so I am hanging close to home, also Don blew up his Jeep yesterday so we will be working on that this weekend.
On the horizon next weekend the Kinetic Sculpture Race. After that I have Camp Obama a training session to work on the fall presidential campaign. I am still not thrilled with all of Barack's positions but he is so much better than the alternative I will put in as much time as I can to get him elected.

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