Sunday, April 20, 2008

A little more southern radmul

I encountered a wide range of people on the southern ride. I am not particularly social but I find that people want to talk to weirdoes on bicycles. Neither am I antisocial and I am an amiable fellow so I indulge people’s questions and listen to their stories. One young lady in the Miranda Market told me about her late grandfather taking up riding at an older age. I munched a Popsicle and cooled down while she told me her tale, she had an infectious smile and brightened a morning that was already going very well.
At the Richardson Grove campground I met some folks from Hanover Germany. The worlds fair was there in 2000 he said. They were driving up the coast in an RV from San Francisco. One of them had gone to school in Berkeley and loved California. Hard to blame the guy, it is the coolest place on the planet that I have seen myself.
While waiting for my breakfast in Garberville I had a conversation with a tourist from Aurora Colorado. He was digging the big trees so I recommended the giant sequoias near Santa Cruz to him. Hope he makes it they are truly spectacular. It is on my list of places to ride to so some in person pics will be forthcoming.
For those that are interested in the details the ride lasted 4 days and covered 162.4 miles. For fans of hills there are 3 600ft climbs within about a 4mile run so there is definitely some challenging portions to Hwy101 thru southern Humboldt County.

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