Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Go climb a big tree.

Busy day getting ready for the first extended camping trip of the crisis. Did Laundry and hit the grocery store for supplies. Finished the equipment list, Found a pair of bicycle pajamas for the machine. That is what they call the bike cover I found at prosport. Also picked up a flag for the trailer. Looks kind of dorky but I want to at least try to be seen. The ups people delivered my Tune Juice so I have a way to extend the Ipod without power. Can't go into the woods without tunes and Mina. The new packing with two 18 gallon rubbermaid tubs spreads out to 75lbs on the trailer and 18lbs on the bike with food and H2O. Too much canned fruit adds to the weight but the fresh isn't available yet.
The trip will be to Crescent City and the Jedediah Smith Redwood State park. Along the way I will stop in Trinidad, no Tobago here, Oreck, Camel Rock and Big Lagoon. Hope to get some amazing pictures and video for you guys. Oreck has a large herd of elk, the coast is amazing and the coastal redwoods are some of the biggest longest living organisms on the planet. They can live 2000 years or more. The giant sequoia near Santa Cruz are larger but these are 100's of feet tall. There are Some fungi that are square miles in size but trees are somehow more impressive. Go by the radmul channel on youtube to check out some new videos and I will be posting from the road next time.

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