Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hump day grumbles

Went out riding and thinking. Still have to find a waterproof bag for the bag but picked up a few lighter weight items, I am serious about getting the weight down by a bunch. Found a pillow a voice recorder and a small tarp. Still need a stool. Shooting for 50 lbs on the trailer and 10 on the bike. I am going to return the bag cover if I can find the receipt that was looser but all in all I had a great experience. I am going out again on Tuesday. Think I will go south this time to the Avenue of the Giants. I think that will take me past the home of Big Foot but I am not guaranteeing footprints.
The photo is of Equisetum or horsetails. The first actual science I ever did involved making slices of plants like these to determine whether or not they were a C4 plant. Up until then all the labs I had done were pretty much follow the recipe type experiments, this one I designed myself and executed it successfully the first time out. My hypothesis was that they grew so well because they using both photosynthesis and aerobic respiration as in C4 plants. To prove this I needed to find chloroplasts in the bundle sheath cells. I made these slides with perfect cross sectional views and popped them under the scope and the null hypothesis was correct. Still remember it though.

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