Sunday, August 11, 2013

Festival Season

This year has been colder then usual for our little Berg. That is based on observation not data so it could be I am just bitching about it more then ever and it is normal to freeze your ass off all summer long. Anyway the festival season is upon us. Wrecking the River and others. This weekend Was the First Annual Strawberry Rock Festival. It was an awesome spectacle of peace and music in the Manila Park.
The Music was Amazing. Afro-Punk Fusion I think the one band called their style. They Had a french horn in their brash section which I found very cool. Earlier in the Day I went to Blue lake with a friend for some music and arts.
Of course the Hunger Strike was on my mind. We continue to Educate.
Friday was Cotton Day, the 6th Anniversary of EPD beating Martin Cotton to death. We held a remembrance at Wabash and Broadway. Too busy a week. We need to tell the Gov to end the Torture and we need the City of Eureka to fire these Thugs in the Pictures and any other of the killers on staff so that we can go back to listening to music and being at peace.