Saturday, August 3, 2013

24 hours in day

Arrived in Oakland around 3:30 and picked up our huge banner. We headed for 14th and Broadway, Oscar Grant Plaza the site of much protesting and demonstrating since the Murder of Mr. Grant by the Bart Police and before. Taking part in, “24hrs of action” a celebrity driven event the 30th and 31st of July to show solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners in the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation.
There are 5 core demands but it all boils down to Humane Treatment. Ending long term solitary confinement and indeterminate sentencing. Providing decent food and an end to group punishment.
The crowd was at first sparse but our ranks swelled as the evening came on chilling the breeze off the bay. I began my sympathy fast, 24hrs to show solidarity with the men and women inside. Long enough to get hungry but not much more.
I listen to the words of a man that had been locked away. He speaks of pain and death that comes when men are tortured beyond their capacity to endure and wonder why. The time when death stands out in stark relief as the only choice.
I watched a young woman lovingly place an altar in memory of “Guero” A young man that died while resisting the oppression of the CDCR. Punctuated with the young mans art it was an expression of his humanity and of hers in solidarity with all of those gathered to cry out for justice.
When we came in the morning to string up more banners and gather again the alter was gone,replaced by young people hustling Nestle's Quick.

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