Monday, February 13, 2012

What Now?

I have done what I can to make this succeed. I have given of my material goods to the point that I am broke and blanket less. I have given my time and talents to the point of exhaustion. In the last few days I have tried everything I can think of to try and publicize our plight and encourage others to come and join us. Nothing has worked.
My arrest for civil disobedience did not work even though it was publicized well and I did it with a modicum of dignity. It did not increase our numbers. I got lots of support from my comrades and the community at large for which I am thankful but it still seems to have failed.
My videos and confronting the police to take them has gotten me assaulted but people seem to be unconcerned with police brutality and the plight of the poor. At least they are not concerned enough o hang out on the side of the road for a few hours each day.
I posted as many pictures as I was able to show that we still existed. I smiled and waved and spoke on tv to the supervisors it just failed to make any difference.
4 months down the road people have been exhausted. People have been driven away by the constant police harassment. People have been driven away by the relentless, “Spangers” demanding cigarettes and anything else one can imagine. People have been driven away by the never ending stream of insanity that we swim in each day. Not everyone is able to deal with the screaming meth addict or alcoholic in their face for hours at a time. This is not a failing on their part, simply a fact of life.
When we put the failings of society on display even the most compassionate turned away in horror.
And so the question still remains, What are we to do now?

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