Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Eagle Screams

The first of every month the crowd at the Occupy has funds and a strange dance of abundance begins. By the 4th all will be broke and back to spanging but for a few days we live in the land of milk and honey.

We had the usual random police assholishness and such sadness as to rip out your heart. "Sheena" had no idea why she was being arrested and others of our band of misfit toys were hauled away later for public drunkenness and lack of self control. Some where over the rainbow is a space that allows for another solution. One that doesn't involve that evil building we have looming over us. A place that the broken and the ill used can find peace without imprisonment. Sabrina cried on my shoulder for an hour last night and I rocked her and stoked her hair and when the tears had dried up she drifted away. Turns out the new love of her life was just hanging out to spend her funds as was the last. We are not forced to abuse our fellow travelers on this island but so many of us do. When the eagle screams no telling whom will answer. Will add the video later as it wont upload.

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