Thursday, December 1, 2011

The police State comes to Eureka

I was kidnapped on the street in front of the courthouse today. In broad daylight a man came up to me and without saying a word he grabbed my hands put them in handcuffs and took me away. The man was, in addition to being a criminal, a police officer. Others of his ilk were doing the same thing to folks excising their rights to freedom of assembly and free speech. As a member of the occupy movement I have come to expect contempt for political dissent from the local police but being deprived of my liberty without due process is beyond the pale. I was held for 45 minutes without charge on the courthouse steps photographed and then released without charge or explanation. When the handcuffs were taken off I was told I would have to leave the public space in front of the courthouse. The fact that the officers called me, "sir" does not mitigate the criminality in their conduct. We are entitled to our liberty and cannot be deprived of it without due process. Surreptitiously "Booking" us on the steps of the court is not due process. holding me in shackles against my will while you steal my property and tear down my political signs is the definition of tyranny and should never be tolerated in a free society.

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