Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Week on the Curb

It has been another frustrating week. It is the solstice and a holiday for the few remaining Pagans it is also Homeless Memorial Day. A vigil will be held to remember those that die alone in the cold and dark each year. Then everyone will go back to the mall and buy another trinket for venerable Yorgi.

Many of our merry band of malcontents have gone off to refresh in the bosom of their biological families. I do not blame them as the family of occupy has become fragmented and looks upon some of as the crazy uncle that pisses in the punchbowl. It angers me that people are co-opting our dedication and action to start their petition drives and third party politics. They criticize us when the police come and kick our asses. They talk about putting pressure on our elected officials ignoring the fact that we are the pressure. Your Emails are deleted and the commander in deceit raises the threshold for his meaningless web zone signups.

They tell us we look bad with the crazy howling at the moon and they should go. As those folks that I share the benches with remind me when we step over the boundaries of their community, They were there when we came and they have been there for years. This has been their fight since they lost their job or their love or their strength or their mind. We have no right to exclude them as our county wide GA suggests. Are we to treat them as the rest of society already has. Move along, don’t make me look at you and know the fear. Fear is the mind killer and the dead thoughts are replaced with hatred but the anger is misplaced. It is the need for greed that has created this abysmal blight. A man running to be leader of the free world has so many houses that he cannot remember them all while in the real world women are raped on the street where they sleep denied the last of their humanity.

The tools of the war machine come down to our celebration as invited guests. We tried to show them we had no evil intent. They smiled and patted us on the head and said, “Be good little sheep and here are the rules. Oh and another thing you cannot give food to the hungry.” If you feed them they might live and stay and continue to scare us besides Xmas is for shopping silly protestor. Charity is for those that come on their knees begging as supplicants that will work for food and never complain that there are no books in the schools. We have nothing for these idle bums that walk all over town to collect enough cans for breakfast, they must move along and find Jebus in another town.

I think the only useful thing I have done on the courthouse steps is to treat some folks with respect, to listen and talk and share what food I am able. I have no illusion that the world will soon change but all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to remain silent.

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