Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mission Revision

We are Occupy Eureka and we have decided to stand up to the perverse desire of corporations to wring every penny of profit from every enterprise. They deliberately push beyond the limits of laws and regulations with disastrous consequences to the workers and the environment. When caught they lie, deny and obfuscate.
The privatization of government functions must stop. The militarization of the police must end. Public education must be properly funded and extend beyond K-12.
We must end foreign wars and the systematic oppression of other nations. We must end the war on the poor that criminalizes sleeping and going to the bathroom. We cannot afford to build prisons at the expense of schools and housing.
Unregulated capitalism has destroyed our economy and enriched the 1% beyond any reasonable level. We must revamp our tax system to value honest labor and end speculation. Capital should be taxed at the same rate as labor. Labor must be granted the same freedom of movement that capital is given.
The cost of pollution should be borne by the polluters. Resource extraction must be done in a sustainable manner without destroying the surrounding environment. Subsidies for industries that degrade the environment must be removed. Global warming must be addressed in the form of a sustainable national energy policy. Resource extraction from public lands must be done in a manner that benefits all members of society not just the few.
Our political system is corrupt. Political power is vested in the people and we must remove the concept of political rights for companies. All campaigns must be publicly financed and paid lobbyists abolished. We need to remove impediments in our political structure to true democracy. Our international relations must be revamped to put an end to empire. Trade between nations must be built on universal human rights and environmental protections not a race to the bottom.
We must rebuild our communities based on respect for all. Discrimination based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and country of origin must end.


Wolfgang Eisenhauer said...

Hello. My name is Adam Clemons. Like you I am a champion for the underclass. I am residing and fighting for my life at the Budget Motel against the tyrannical owner and managers. Are you truly unaware of what is happening here? Have you really been walking all over this town without coming to the budget? What is that? Your army is needed here. Your army is needed here. Your army is needed here. Your army is needed here.

Wolfgang Eisenhauer said...

If you come here you will find that the residents become injected with courage. You will find that your actions have led to a victory for your brothers and sisters at arms.