Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blame it on the Bossa nova

There is a disturbing meme running through the lamestream media that an idiot fundie preacher in Florida is the sole reason that rioters in Afghanistan went crazy and slaughtered some UN aid workers. News of a Quran burning led them to murderous rampage. Of course it is working wonders with the sheep that inhabit the bloggosphere. Ignore the photos of American soldiers posing with their murder victims. Ignore the soldiers defiling the bodies of pregnant women shot down by soldiers in an attempt to dig out the bullets and blame the Taliban. Ignore the chopper pilots shooting down children gathering firewood and the bombing of weddings. Ignore the spy caught shooting down people in broad daylight and exert a claim of diplomatic immunity. Keep a corrupt government in place to steal the humanitarian aid.
No need to look at the utter failure that is the US military it is the fault of a lone idiot in Florida that Afghanistan is a disaster. The sell job has been much too easy as those on the left hate the fundies and will seize on any opportunity to ridicule them. The wing nuts think all Muslims are savages that will riot at the drop of a burqa and this feeds that meme perfectly. The Bush revisionists and the military industrial complex try to claim that if we get out the “Women” will suffer at the hands of the Islamist Fundies.
If we want to live in a world that has reactionaries flooding the streets in murderous rampages keep bombing their wives and children and blame it on a book burning 2000 miles away.

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