Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make Them Pay

Spent Tax Day 2011 with a few hundred kindred spirits in front of the now defunct branch of Bank of America asking the question why are the corporations getting a pass? They make obscene profits investing money they borrow from the federal reserve at virtually zero interest and pay little or no taxes. When the wingers propose a flat tax if they imposed it on everyone equally with no deductions I would go for it. That is not their intent of course. They want to exempt capital gains and businesses from taxation all together. I was expecting to see a few of the Tea bag folks that were screaming about deficits and taxes last year but that group seems to have disappeared from the landscape. Any way I did see some new faces and the folks from Moveon.org got both radio and TV to show up. The Weather was nice for a change, sunshine an no wind. Every one was in a good mood and as one person said "It was a great day for a protest."

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