Monday, March 21, 2011

Mundane Monday

After spending the weekend complaining about the governments propensity to kill living things of all persuasions and species I checked back in to the mundane business of day to day life. Had to pay some bills, hit the bank and swap my cable box for one that works. Well I am hoping it works, with the suddenlame folks one never can be sure.

As the missals fly in Libya I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. It only took 1 day for the Arab league to throw us under the bus. It is possible that they thought that a no fly zone would be like Top Gun and we would send up a bunch of planes and prevent the Colonel from sending up his planes. That is not how it is done. We first blow up all the air defenses we can find. Then we blow up what we call, "command and control" which is a catch all for any kind of communications system in the theater of operation. Then and only then do they send in the aircraft.

The news media are reporting that the bodies at some of the sites were taken from the morgues to claim civilian casualties. The possibility that they are collateral damage seems as likely to be true. When our troops have dug the bullets out of the bodies of pregnant women to claim they were killed by insurgents they do not have a lot of credibility. I find it telling that the oil producers are worthy of intervention once again while the rest of the continent can have any number of atrocities.

I like to think that we are pure in our motives and that we will not get dragged in to another sectarian disaster. I just don't have any faith in the folks running things at the moment to make the right decision. All of the cheerleaders for this adventure are the same folks that ginned up the Iraq war and they are using the same justification that they eventually settled on to justify that disaster.

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