Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not just the usual suspects

Went down to the courthouse today to show a little Solidarity with the Union folks. Move-on organized the rally and members of the nurses and teachers unions were there as well as the veterans for peace. The Move-on folks brought out some new faces as well as the usual lefties like myself. The rain was intermittent intense showers and wind but the stoic crowd didn't seem to mind.
After a moment of silence to remember the people suffering in Japan a few speakers talked about a progressive agenda to combat the problem of the recession that is causing so much suffering in this country. The calls were for an end to the war on public sector workers. No more cuts to education or women's health care. Instead we want an end to the wars and higher taxes on the rich. Ending corporate person-hood and the investment in infrastructure required to provide good jobs for middle class Americans.

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