Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coming to a close

Went out to Travis AFB and renewed my Id card. Wanted to be sure my medical eligibility was up to date before I became homeless. Doing all the tasks that modern society deems so necessary and have become huge pains in the rear.

There has been a change in initial destination possibly. Trying to do everything above board has caused the vehicle transfer to become a cluster fuck. I should have just called as Don and gotten the payoff and sent them a check. Because I was honest I have to wait for death certificates and lawyers before cutting them a check. As a result I may need to travel to Eureka next week to transact everything. If I do I will stay for a while and see some friends and familiar haunts.

I am thinking about staying out on the Samoa spit for a week and getting my bike legs back. Haven’t ridden much in the last few months and some conditioning is in order. Also working the bugs out of my system in a familiar environment seems like a good idea. I can take some of the old games up to Kay and Chris so there is that benefit as well.

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